Monday, April 14, 2008

Better Late than Never............

We've all heard it, thought it and /or lived it; but, in this case I am referring to the delayed review of ebook #2, The Vaginal Discharge Solution

No excuses. I just got distracted and time slipped away. OK, it is garden planting time here in South Carolina. Not really an excuse..........more of an obsession.

Back to the book: As bad as the first one turned out to be, this one turned out to be that good.

The author, Jo Mumbe, is from London, England.

Her advice is simple, straightforward, natural, common-sense. It will hold up against any modern sales pitch for the latest "safe against odor" wonder product.

How refreshing to hear that the body, and that includes the vagina, is best able to maintain its own health with just a minimum of care. When kept clean, dry and able to "breathe", the vagina's own bacteria and fluids will maintain a healthy, practically odor-free existence.

The book is brief and easy to read............33 pages in all just packed with the information that everyone should have----males as well as females.

I can't recommend it highly enough.

I have just one more book to review; but, I don't see how it could be any better than this one.

I'll promise the next installment for early next week. Please remember, however, that my "obsession" may well get in the way again.

Till next time,


PS The "bonus" is well worth reading. Pretty basic; but we all need to be reminded once in a while.

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Not the Worst I've read........But, Damned Close!

Sorry for the time lap since the last blog entry........but, not real sorry. Gayle and I got to live a grandparent's dream.

SPRING BREAK with a 7 year old grandson. No rules, no time schedule. Just the vaguely defined goal of making it to Pensacola.....and back, in less than the 10 days of school-allotted time off.

MISSION ACCOMPLISHED. It was fantastic. And now back to "work".

I promised reviews of the three ebooks that I found just before we left---all dealing with the "misunderstood vagina".

Those of you who are just joining this blog string may wish to read the article that got the whole thing started: The Vagina Totally Misunderstood

OK, we're on the same page. Now for the first review: The title of this misbegotten mess is BACTERIAL VAGINOSIS GONE FOREVER.

Half way through the first reading, I couldn't say enough about this ebook; and unfortunately, all that I have to say is bad, very in, don't waste your time or money, bad.

Some examples: On page four we read that "Bacterial Vaginosis is not an infection."

Later in the book we are told "If you have Bacterial Vaginosis and become pregnant or are pregnant and develop it, this common vaginal infection can cause early rupture
of the membranes or premature labor."

"One of the more disturbing aspects of BV is that the infection
frequently returns after prescription antibiotic treatment"

And, "DISCHARGE: thin, milk-like; white or grayish in color; has a foul, fishy
INFECTION: Bacterial vaginosis"

To be fair, there is some disagreement within the medical community. Some will insist that BV is an infection. Others say that it is not.

But this ebook is the first time I have seen anyone try to claim that BV is both.

Spelling was pretty good. Grammar, syntax and punctuation left a lot to be desired and made for some pretty confused reading.

Examples: "Here is a woman that wrote about how she cleaned herself and our email correspondence."

And "However, women who are not sexually active can also get BV including virgins who have never had sex."

And then:

Part Two: Herbal and Home Remedy Methods for Combating Bacterial Vaginosis And The Amazing $5 Treatment for Bacterial Vaginosis

This section falls apart completely as most of the links are either not working at all, or they end up taking you someplace completely off the wall.

My first reading lead me to think that it had to have been written by a man; second time through it felt as if it came from one of the software programs that claim to write quality.

Third time through just made me glad to be through.

My advice: Stay away from this time waster.

I requested that my money be refunded. I'll let you know how that goes.

Now I will order and begin reading the second of the three ebooks. Early next week, I'll be posting again.

I will still and always be a man; but I will no longer be "clueless".

All the best,


Monday, March 24, 2008

He Said........She Said

Two comments on our recent article posted at:

One from a young lady, "L": As a young women I am quite happy to discuss my 'female problems' with my boyfriend and any other male willing to listen.

To find that basically all of my problems are not understood or misunderstood is rather normal. No one takes the time to teach boys the dangers they will face when encounting girls after a certain age.

It amuses me, yet at the same time I often feel an outrage as I hear some sexist joke about my 'monthly problems' from men around me. While you might find it funny,had your mothers not had the same problems I suffer through you would not even be here. Does anyone ever think of that?

And one from a man, "M": Quite an Interesting article. And you do write well. For those of us who sincerely dont know, when are you going to tell us the joke of the blind man passing in the fish market?

Thanks so much to both for taking the time to read and respond.

"L", special thanks to you for being so understanding and recognizing that "No one takes the time to teach boys....."

And "M", thanks for being so damned male. I hope you will understand that I will not be sending the "punch line" to the story of the blind man. There is no humor in what we now understand to be a serious medical condition.

Any women reading this should also realize that the fish market reference also potentially involves great personal danger to you.

Vaginitis/Vaginosis......."itis" signifying an infection; "osis" indicating a recurring condition. Both accompanied by an unusual discharge and/or odor.

It's sad but true that throughout the ages, many women have accepted that unhealthy odor as a normal part of being a female; when the fact remains that a healthy vagina with a normal ph and bacterial balance is odorless.

I have located three separate ebooks dealing with the subject of a healthy, odorless female experience.

I plan to purchase and then review all three as time and the budget allow.

As always, your comments are welcome........encouraged, actually.



PS The books can be found: Bacterial Vaginosis Cure (Waste of Time---Click to Read the Review) Understanding Vaginal Discharge Natural Cures

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

That's Why She Laughs So Hard............

My wife, the wonderful Mother, Nurse, Wife and Lady that she is, has always seemed a bit out of character when watching America's Funniest Home Videos show.

She chuckles along with the rest of us; but seems to take particular enjoyment out of watching some unsuspecting male whose crotch has just been assaulted by anything from a goat, to a goose, to a base ball, to a skate board.

While my son and I cringe with shared memories of the pain connected to such mishaps, this normally compassionate lady laughs enthusiastically as if to say, "Let that be a lesson to you".

When questioned the other day, she said simply: "It's interesting to watch when a male is suddenly made aware of his genitals and intercourse isn't involved. Maybe, just maybe for an instant he can have some idea of the female experience".

Huh? From the male side.

Right On, Sister! From the female side.

It was amazing how one simple question, finally asked, opened up a whole new world of questions. I was still in shock that anyone could be genuiniely amused watching someone take a line drive to the gonads. I mean come on; that really hurts.

Her response opened up a whole new line of thinking: "Have you or any of your locker room buddies ever shared the joke about the blind man passing the fish market? ...........Well, let me tell you something, Mister. That fishy odor that you think is so funny is actually a symptom. A symptom of a very serious condition experienced by more than half of all women, most often during child bearing years. Left untreated it presents life-threatening potential to the woman and her unborn child.

"So the next time you are tempted to laugh at a woman's expense, just realize that you probably don't have a clue."

It was the "clueless" part that prompted me to begin this search and then this blog.

Please bookmark this site and check back frequently as I share all that I learn.

And please, please add your comments.